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Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Application

Thank you for choosing Signature Funerals Limited to organise your funeral.


Below you will see the 4 options available to you to purchase. Select the plan you want and your payment options will appear. If you require any assistance please contact us directly on 01706 829 482 before buying your plan.

IMPORTANT – If you have agreed additional products and/or services to those listed, please contact your Funeral Director directly on 01706 829 482 and they can assist you in your purchase

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Please confirm that you have read and understand the following...

What is included…

  • Collection of the deceased by the Funeral Director
  • A simple basic veneered coffin
  • Care and preparation of the deceased prior to cremation
  • Advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral arrangements including the certification and registration of the death
  • Transportation of the deceased to the Crematorium Crematorium fees
  • Return of ashes to family/chosen person*
  • Any fees payable to Doctors or a Coroner for the issue of death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroners certificates

Things to consider…

  • There is no Chapel of Rest viewing
  • There is no service for family and friends to pay their final respects
  • Cremation only (no burial)
  • No choice of Crematorium
  • No additional extras are available for a Simple Plan

*Important Note: The ashes to be returned within C.28 days.

If you are paying by monthly instalments, if you pass away before all your instalments are paid, your family or representatives acting on your behalf will be required to settle the balance of your plan before the Funeral Director can be instructed.

Thankyou for completing the application form, upon submission we will review all the information provided and get back to you to confirm.

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