Funeral Dress Codes – What to Wear During a Funeral Visit 

Throughout history, black has been always been the colour associated with funerals. However, this colour is not always necessary. Although we are expected to dress in a way that is showing respect to the dead and their family members, your funeral dress should not be limited to black at all times. 

In this article are some of the tips on how to dress during funeral services in the UK. 

For men 

  • Traditional funeral 

If you are attending a traditional funeral in the UK without specific instructions or requests about dress codes, wearing dark dresses is the most acceptable. It should be formal, well-pressed and polished to look smart and respectful. 

  • Contemporary funeral 

Giving particular dress codes at a funeral has been getting popular in the UK these days. Depending on the personality, profession, and interests of the deceased individual, you might be requested to wear colourful shirts, football kits, or other specific dress codes. 

Whatever dress code is given, your goal when attending the funeral is to comply with the requested theme. The main focus is on the preference of the person who died or his family. Just make sure not to arrive in bright colours while everyone is wearing black or dark colours. Your dress should blend in well with the crowd. 

  • Be safe with dark colours 

While black is the traditional colour for mourning, you can choose not to wear black when going to a funeral. If you don’t have a black suit or tie, you can go for other dark shades instead as they are generally acceptable. 

One thing to note though is that most people from the older generations are brought up with the traditional funeral style so they might find it offensive or rather awkward if you don’t wear black at a funeral. 

For women 

For women attending a funeral, dresses, skirts and trouser suits are the most suitable dress codes. Skirts are better worn underneath the knees and dresses should have sleeves and are formal-looking. 

Teenagers and children 

Funeral dress codes for children and teenagers aren’t as strict as the adults’ as long as they look smart and respectful. Most children attending funerals wear the same dress as they go to other formal events such as weddings. Older children or teenagers, on the other hand, tend to follow the dress code for adults. 


When it comes to funerals, traditional colours may vary in different countries. To make sure that your dress goes well with the event, make sure to consider the location and weather, or consult with the family members. 

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