Self Care After Losing Someone You Love

Grieving is a natural process that we experience after losing someone we love. More often than not, the pain of losing someone can be very overwhelming. We will experience different types of emotions that we find very difficult to lift our spirits and enjoy things and activities that normally give us happiness. 

With so many things to consider and take care of after a devastating loss of a loved one, such as taking the funeral arrangements and supporting your family members, some bereaved individuals tend to forget to take care of themselves and their own needs. But taking care of yourself and your mental health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to develop resilience. 

When you are grieving, it is important to remember that you are not alone and that there are things you can do to take care of yourself. In this article are some of the self-care tips that have helped thousands of people to find comfort, cope with the loss and build themselves again. 

  1. Write a journal 

A self-care journal can help you express those bottled-up feelings that are hard for you to express to other people. These feelings can become very overwhelming if you keep them to yourself. If you want to express these feelings without worries about being judged, writing them in a journal is a great way. 

Writing a self-care journal, as short as 5 minutes a day or longer, can help you say whatever is in your mind even the most complex feelings you are experiencing, without anyone judging.  

  1. Reach out to family members or friends 

Another important thing when experiencing grief is to remember that you are not alone. Reach out to family members or friends and tell them what you feel. Talking through some of your complex emotions is a form of self-care and people who care for you are more than willing to listen. 

If it is difficult for you to speak to your friends and family members, you can reach out to some of the grief support groups and organizations for help. 

  1. Create a self-care box 

A box with all your favourite self-pampering products can help your body and mind relax and relieve stress while in a grieving process.  

Some of the self-care products you can collect include essential oils and scents, a book of poems and quotes, a chocolate bar or other sweet treats, tea or coffee blends, and bath bombs or bubble bath. You may also add your favourite photos and other sentimental objects that would remind you of those happy times you shared with your loved one who passed away. 

  1. Plan a self-care calendar 

While in the grieving process, waking up in the morning and doing various activities might become very dreadful for some. Planning out a self-care calendar with some enjoyable activities can help you look forward to the next days. You can book a nice massage, visit coffee shops or your favourite places, join workshops, or develop hobbies.  

Ensuring that your days are filled with wholesome and enjoyable activities can help you maintain good mental health while grieving for your loved one. 

  1. Exercise 

Exercise has tons of benefits not only to your physical well-being but also to your mental health. Exercising can help you release more energy, develop mental alertness, and release happy hormones. As simple as taking a walk in nature or having an exercise routine at home can create a great impact on anyone, especially those who are grieving.  


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