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The Bespoke Choice

At Signature Funerals we recognise that there is no “one size fits all” and there are many ways to create an authentic, meaningful service that is relevant and true to the life that was lived. Unlike many funeral directors who simply offer packages, we will not charge you for the products or services you do not use. We have added a few ideas for you to consider.

At Signature Funerals we can offer innovative solutions and deliver a tailored funeral allowing you to celebrate the life lived alongside mourning the death.

Create a Theme

Funerals most certainly do not need to be black, formal affairs. We can help you organise a colour theme for your guests or incorporate an interest or passion into the service such as a favourite football team or love of music. Show a life story through the latest media, release doves or butterflies, provide guests with take home mementos such as photo-cards or flower seeds. The possibilities are endless, and we can help you achieve them all.

A Personalised Coffin

We will provide you with as much time as you like in our peaceful chapel of rest to decorate the coffin yourselves with hand prints, special messages, signatures or your own drawings. You may also want to consider personalising the coffin with photos, prints or scenery of your choice.

You may wish to portray your loved ones personality through your choice of coffin material, whether this be traditional wood, or a more modern eco-friendly alternative such as wicker or cardboard. 

For The Family

You may wish for your loved one to travel a certain route on their way to the cemetery or crematorium. We can also arrange for family and friends who are unable to attend the ceremony to still be part of the day. Where available, a recording or live stream of the service can be provided and in addition, we can assist you in creating a perfect online memorial.


Whether you choose to scatter ashes or keep them, we can guide you through the many wonderful options. Ashes can be made into jewellery, memorial trees, teddy bears, fireworks, even vinyl records and tattoos.


Signature Funerals are happy to arrange weekend or evening ceremonies if this better suits your requirements.


A funeral doesn’t have to take place in a church or crematorium at a time which may not suit you and your family’s needs. Have you thought about seeking permission to hold the ceremony at your local golf club, favourite pub or outdoor space? Why not have a small candlelit service here at our funeral home followed by a private burial or cremation the following day?

The full cost of this option is payable 7 days after the day of the cremation/burial.

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