The Duties of Funeral Directors

Whether it is an expected or a sudden death of a family member, no one is prepared enough in losing a loved one. Besides facing your grief, you will also have to take care of your loved one’s funeral arrangements.  

Funeral arrangements are a lot more complicated and laborious than it seems. If you haven’t done it before, it would be very difficult to keep everything organized. The pain of losing someone you love can also make you lose your focus and energy in doing everything that needs to be done. 

The things mentioned are the reasons why we need the help of funeral directors. Here are the ways that funeral directors can help the families and loved ones of a deceased individual. 

  • Preparations 

Some situations and unexpected circumstances would require a funeral to be arranged within a few weeks instead of days. In this case, your deceased loved one’s body will need to be kept somewhere. Most funeral directors have this specialist facility where the person who has died will be kept and taken cared for until the day of the funeral. 

  • Making decisions 

When you are in the initial stage of grief where all that is happening still feels surreal, it can be very difficult to make a decision, especially with the funeral arrangements. Funeral directors can make decision-making easier by talking you through every option and answering any questions you have. This way you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with the funeral. 

  • Viewing arrangements 

A viewing can give families and friends of the deceased individual to say goodbye to the person who has been a part of their lives. This also provides an opportunity for the bereaved to spend time together and comfort and support each other in this challenging time. 

  • Death notices/ Obituaries 

People who are too busy with funeral arrangements tend to forget to place death notices and obituaries. Funeral directors can easily connect with local newspapers to help you place death notices and obituaries. Some funeral directors can also arrange online obituary services for family members and friends who can’t come to the funeral to leave their messages. 

  • Paperworks 

Arranging funerals also comes with a lot of paperwork including death registration. If you haven’t done this before, the process can be time-consuming and exhausting. Funeral directors can advise and help you with the different forms you will have to fill out and complete, and help you throughout the process of registering the death. 

  • Looking for a funeral officiant 

Funeral celebrants or officiant needs to have certain qualifications to be able to conduct the funeral service. It would be difficult for family members to look for a celebrant, especially if their dead loved one lived in a different area. Funeral directors, on the other hand, have a list of local funeral celebrants and they can contact someone reliable and suitable according to the deceased’s religious beliefs. 

  • Burial rules and regulations 

Burials come with a variety of regulations that family members have to abide by, such as coffin specifications, etc. Some burial sites have very strict rules about the kind of coffins that are allowed to be buried in their site. Funeral directors are knowledgeable about these rules and they will be able to help you choose a coffin that meets the requirements of your chosen burial site. 

  • Support 

From arranging transportation to directing mourners and guests to the funeral ceremony, funeral directors can help in making the entire funeral as smooth and hassle-free as possible. They will also take care of any unforeseen occurrence and ensure everything goes as planned so you can focus on saying goodbye. 

  • Burial site or crematorium logistics 

Whether you choose to cremate your loved one or bury them in a burial site, the funeral director can arrange everything to provide you with a successful funeral. They can schedule a slot for the crematorium or find the most suitable burial site for your deceased family member. 

  • Post funeral care 

A bereaved family’s well-being is very important after the death of a loved one. To cope with their loss, some people find support groups and counsellors to be helpful. Some funeral directors create support groups to help people cope with grief. If not, they can also recommend reliable counsellors and groups to provide you with emotional support. 

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